Domestic Servicing Septic Tanks

Here at Jettec Environmental we provide full service contracts to help with your drainage needs over the year. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who can provide the best level of care required to your on-site drainage systems.

Service Contracts

At Jettec we pride ourselves on providing service contracts which suit the customer therefore we work on a case by case basis and offer a 1 visit a year service contract that suits the needs of the drainage parts of your property.

Jettec provides nationwide coverage for Drainage solutions and your service is FREE with you only paying for parts labor to cover our costs.

With Jettec we make it simple with 2 options:

  • Option 1: Pay for an annual contract that covers you for 12 months. This is an ideal option for homeowners as the first site visit is FREE so we can ascertain your needs and what the best solutions we can provide for you are. Then we tailor a package to suit you so you know exactly your paying across the year and have 24/7 365 day a year support.
  • Option 2: Pay As you Go! We know that not everyone wants to be bogged down with contracts and would rather see how things get on therefore we offer a one off service option where you can pay for us to come to your site and pay for a service of your drainage solutions as you need us too. This is ideal for people who may be selling properties or don’t have high usage.

What we can cover:

Grease Traps Service Contracts:

Grease traps are regularly fitted to stop grease and solids hitting your waste water disposal system. As you can imagine overtime these fill and need regular servicing to keep them in full working order and prolong there life-cycle. Jettec’s team are specialists in the cleaning and maintenance of all recognized brands of UK Grease Traps. We offer both the annual contract and single service option for all grease traps.

Grease Management Service Contracts:

Grease Management Systems can be used instead of or in conjunction with Grease Traps and provide a similar solution to stop fats and solids from getting into your waste water system which can cause long term damage over time. Jettec can service these on site whether they are a single unit or part of a Grease Trap System and offer the same annual contract or single service option.

Septic Tank Service Contracts:

Septic Tanks need to be looked after, poor maintenance of a Septic Tank can result in it degrading over time and will force you to have to replace it more often. Septic tanks are installed to treat waste water and provide an invaluable service to the running of a home. Jettec have been specialists in the installation, repair and maintenance of Septic Tanks for over 20 years. Our servicing options allow for us to maintain the tank across the year or do a one off service if required. Its imperative your make sure your Septic Tank is looked after and compliant with 20/20 regulations.

Sewage Treatment Plants:

Sewage Treatment Plants are a far more advanced form of a Sewage Treatment Tank and require an electrical supply as they carry out mechanical functions to perform the task of waste management. You may find that based on the size of your property you have a plant rather than a tank and Jettec are well versed in sealing with these and replacing parts as well as installing new plants required. We Offer a full annual coverage contract or can come and provide one off maintenance for your Sewage Treatment Plants.

Drainage Service Contracts:

All properties have drains and unfortunately with every day normal use these will over time block up, corrode and need replacement parts. Jettec are specialists in the management of drainage systems, from unblocking to complete replacement and refurbishment of old equipment our team are dedicated specialists in making sure your draining system runs properly and lasts for years. We can provide one off annual servicing to make sure your drainage system is working correctly or we can off a full year service based on the size of your property and its needs.

Sampling For Drinking Water:

Legislation Requirements mean drinking water on site must be safe and we provide the equipment to test your drinking water to make sure it is meeting the requirements to be safe for use. We have extensive testing equipment of the highest standards and provide certificates to prove have tested the water on site to make sure its safe. We do recommend regular checks of the water as this is a government requirement and should meet legislative standards.

Why Choose Jettec Environmental:

The reason to choose us is simply! When it comes to drainage its a messy business and you need a company that does it right!

We might find on site that you need new equipment and if that’s the case not only will we supply and fit it we will cover it with a 10 year guarantee. We provide ourselves on making sure that our customers are looked after and that’s why we never close, come rain or shine 24/7 every day of the year we are here with are dedicated staff ready to look after you.

We have a steeped history in our field with 20 strong years looking after thousands of sites nationwide and you can read are reviews on the homepage to see just what our current customers think of us.

if you feel you need any work done please call us now on 0800 023 4487 to have a FREE impartial chat and remember with Jettec our first site visit is FREE also.

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